Ethically Handcrafted and Latinx Woman-owned


Wanderbliss Jewelry is a Latinx woman-owned small business in Austin, Tx, with a focus on handmade and mindfully curated pieces. The Moon and the constellations are at the core of the current collection, which is meant to be empowering and remind us that we're all connected.


I’m a jewelry designer and metalsmith. I've always had a love for handmade artisan goods and wandering around street markets. Those are the creators that have inspired me my entire life. 

As part of the Latinx and LGBTQIA+ communities, I believe in embracing differences, and celebrating what makes each person feel authentic in their life. 

often turn to yoga, and the ancient study of astrology, as a way to connect with my higher being. In search of a creative outlet, jewelry became the perfect way to combine all the things that inspire me and create something meaningful, which ultimately led me to start Wanderbliss Jewelry.

We're all artists in search of our medium of expression. Sometimes, it's found through creating small pieces of art, sometimes, it's found through wearing them, as a symbol of who we are.


Lorenna Najera

Wanderbliss Jewelry